Multiwood can be used for various home and industrial areas such as Kitchens, Bedrooms, Livingrooms, Offices, Caravans, Hospitals and Advertising boards.

  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Office
  • Caravan
  • Hospital

Kitchen is one of the most central places within an Indian home. Though it’s highly underrated and we consciously aim to spend less and less time in there -it remains the place where magic happens.Thomson Multiwood for Kitchen aims to take this experience to the next level by building work areas, racks and cabinets which are termite resistant and water proof.

The one room where you have to invest special efforts in order to make it comfortable is the bedroom, as it is exactly there where you’re going to relax, and spend the most time needed to gather forces for your other activities. Thomson Multiwood can be used to fulfill all your bedroom requirements such as Bedroom wardrobes, Cabinets, Bedside cabinets, Dressing tables, Mirror stands etc.

Living room is a place where a family spends most of their time together. This place not only  needs to create an atmosphere for the family but also for the guests as it depicts your personality. While designing this space the choice of furniture is of prime importance. The external appearance of the THOMSON MULTIWOOD itself is elegant and natural which allows it to be used for interior decoration,furniture and many customized applications within the living room.

Office design certainly has a great impact on the well being and morale of the employees. Having well designed furniture made of high quality materials can certainly enrich both employee and client’s self-esteem and can contribute to enrich their experiences. To enhance these experience we can now use Thomson Multiwood for designing customized offices, conference table, cabinets, partitions, cubicles, file racks, computer tables, etc. thus ensuring high quality and longevity.

Caravans are a amazing way to escape from our daily routine. Designing caravan interiors, which are aesthetically pleasing and long lasting are very important. The superior and unique quality of THOMSON MULTIWOOD can really uplift your caravan experience and also has the ability to last for many years when compared to wooden interiors.

Hospitals need to create a warm and welcoming space to ensure that their patients and visitors not only feel comforted but also have a sense of positivity. Thomson Multiwood can be used to create wall cladding, table tops and partitions which are holistically matching to the hospital ambiance as they come in a variety of color and design.Thomson Multiwood can also be used for building false-ceiling for Operation Theater, lab racks,and cabinets blending within the hospital environment.