Things to consider when working with Multiwood

  • Always keepp the Multiwood sheets on a flat surface. Do not lean it in 8 feet under any circumstances.
  • Multiwood sheets are not to be placed in lean position on direct sunlight or high temperature area.
  • Multiwood Sheets can be cut into pieces using hand cutter or machine cutter. Keep the cut pieces on lop of each other on a flat surface, not to lean on. The sides can be trimmed using sander tool.
  • Apply either NC-Putty. Polish-Putty. M-Seal to scrub and sand to smooth it, where the screw holes are located and near the cut parts.
  • If you see spots on the surface like small lines or scratches, level it well using Water paper/Sandpaper 220/180, It is beneficial for opplying sandpaper in other ports as well for painting or pasting mica. veneer etc.
  • Before painting cut parts can be joined together using Dry-Wall Full Threaded Screws and glues like Wudfill, Flex Quick etc, from Fevicol company can also be used for joining.
  • Can be used all paints and primers manufactured from major companies in India.
  • Use primer before painting. Work with a brush roller or spray gun. Allow drying time in a clean room or in an open area. Do not try to dry under sunlight.

For all type of works referred above, Multiwood Sheets should not be kept lean. Always keeping Multiwood straight is advisable.

About Thomson Multiwood

THOMSON MULTIWOOD is a white sheet made up of ‘U’ Pvc polyester resin & is made in an extruded polymer profile form. It is 100% waterproof, Termite & Borer proof, corrosion free & fire retarden and is mainly used for wet area applications. MULTIWOOD has unique features and long-lasting properties, which can withstand in any climatic conditions. Because of the comprehensive applications of MULTIWOOD, it has already been used in building decoration and renovation work. The water, acid and stain resistant features, environment protective aspects and the comprehensive and diversified applications makes it as a real substitute for wood. The uniqueness and specialty use of this wonder sheet, leads us to name it MULTIWOOD. Since wood particles are not used in MULTIWOOD, it saves trees & thereby protects our eco system and is 100% recyclable too. Even best quality MDF or PLYWOOD is not borer/termite or waterproof and hence will perish in few years’ time however MULTIWOOD gives lifetime guarantee for its quality.


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